Thoughtfully bred German Shepherd Dogs for caring loving homes....

Brown Hill Shepherds was established in 1979.. 
   our dogs are bred with the understanding that a good GSD breeding can produce great companions, obedience competitors, service dogs, as well as Champions..
  over the years Brown Hill has produced Champions (both American and Canadian) numerous obedience titled dogs, tracking dogs , agility dogs, and most important BEST FRIENDS.......
  we strive for medium activity level.. friendly out going personalities, athletic dogs......

Brown Hill is  proud to have bred
Can Ch Brown Hill's Hopi, Am/Can CDX, TD, TC, OFA  (13 club member) all her offspring
Can Ch Brown Hill's Zachary CD OFA
Can Ch Brown Hill's Zorro v Kar-Den CD OFA
Brown Hill's Zeke CD
Brown Hill's Zoe CD
BrownHill's Jentleman EvryDay CD,OFA
Brown Hill's Peyote,CDX TC HIC 
Brown Hill's Paiute CD OFA (13 club member) 
Brown Hill'sMichelob Dark CD OFA
Brown Hill's Lady Cassandra CD
Brown Hill's Echo CD
and their offspring
Brown Hill's Mistical Maiden CDX OFA
Brown Hill's Firewater CD TC HIC OFA
Am/Can Ch Brown Hill's Y Naught TC HIC OFA and her daughter
Brown Hill's LetsBlowThisJoint CDX Can CD TC HIC OFA  (13 club member)

Am Ch Brown Hills Clean Slate TC OFA (13 club member)  and her sisters
Brown Hill's Clean Get Away CD TC (13 club member) 
Can Ch Brown Hill Valco's Clean Sweep,ROM,ROMC, TC HIC OFA (13 club member) and her son
AmCh/SELCan Ch BrownHill's Willow v Kysarah TT,ROMC OFA and his sisters
Can Ch BrownHill's Winta v Kysarah,TT, OFA  13 club member
Can Ch BrownHill's Whispa v Kysarah TC, OFA 13 club member
and thier half sister
Am  Ch SEL Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Worth It TC OFA
and her sisters
 Am Ch SELCan  Ch Brown Hills Hearthstone,Can CD, TC HIC OFA (13 club member )
Can Ch BrownHill's Heaven Sent OFA
BrownHill's Proxy For Buck CD OFA (13 club member) and her half sister
Brown Hill's Meine Liechen CD OFA

  and thier dad

Can CH Brown Hills Blacksmith Rotoba TC HIC OFA and his brother
Rotoba's Red Zinger CD

Brown Hill's Frisbee CD OFA (13 club member) 
BrownHill's Jessie of Vallee CD
BrownHill's Swartz Wilhelm CDX
Brown Hill's Image CD OFA
Brown Hill's Irma CD 
Brown Hill's Gun Runner CDX
Brown Hill's X-cess Baggage CDX TC and his sister
Brown Hill X Shiloh CD TC 

Brown Hill's Ceasars Image CD TC
Brown Hill's Hobbes V Carma CD TC OFA (13 club member), and his  sister
Carma's Carisma of  Brown Hill CD TC
Am/Can Ch Rotoba's Black Forest Brown Hill,TC, OVC  (13 club member)
BIM Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Make My Day,OVC
RFM Kysarah's Too Cool BrownHill RN OVC
Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Lexus TC OFA
Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Wasn't Me OVC
AM/Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's PieceA Ash OFA
BrownHill_Kysarah's Sierra RN,RA,PT OFA
BrownHill-Kysarah's Timba Wolf RN
Am/Can Ch HIT BrownHill-Kysarah's Leonardo,RN,TC ,PT,HSCs OFA
Best In Show Futurity Victor Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Marico OVC
Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Request ROMC OVC
Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Poison Ivy
Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's New Dawn OVC
Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's New Quest HIC OVC
Futurity Victrix Can Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Magarita IT RN, TC OVC
BrownHill's Best For Last RN
Ch BrownHill-Kysarah's Zoey OFA
Browb Hill's Jaeger CD
BrownHill Rotoba Laslann's QM. IT, RN,PT, OFA 
BrownHill-Kysarah's Ring It In, IT
RFF,BOF BrownHill-Kysarah's Martini,RN, IT,PT
BrownHill-Kysarah's Ambush IT OFA
Can BPIS Ch Brown Hill's Justa a Mirage  OFA
Carma-Brown Hill's Bowie's Fantacy,RN, BN,IT,TDI, CGC
Can Ch Brown Hill's The Gambler, IT OFA
SeaShore's JFK of Brown Hill RN
RFM Brown Hill's Better Be Worth It, IT,PT,RN OFA
Brown Hill's Nikki Rose RE
Brownhill-Kysarah Raina-Barohi,CD, RE,TDI,CGC
Rotoba's Sir Weston Of Brown Hill TD (Tracking Dog Title at 6 MONTHS)
Brown Hill's Storm of the Century RN,OFA
Brown Hill Rickover's Gehl Da Vinci RNc, NW1
Crosswinds Vison Quest of Brown Hill , HT, PT, TD OFA Both Majors OFA

and all the friends and title holders whos paw prints these dogs are following
Three Generations
Brown Hill's Peyote CDX TC HIC    Mother  4 yrs
Can Ch Brown Hill's Hopi A/C CDX TD TC at GreatGrand Mother 12.5 yrs 
Am/Can Ch Brown Hill's Y Naught TC HIC granddaughter 2 yrs
three generations
Left to right
Brown Hill's LetsBlowThisJoint CDX,Can CD TC HIC   grandaughter  pictured at 3yrs
Brown Hill's Peyote CDX TC HIC    grandmother  pictured at 10yrs
Am/Can Ch Brown Hill's Y Naught TC HIC   mother  pictured at 7yrs
three generations
Left to right
Am/Can Ch Brown Hill's Y Naught TC HIC  grandmother  pictured at 10yrs 
Brown Hill's LetsBlowThisJoint CDX,Can CD TC HIC  mother  pictured at 6yrs GretchAnya's Koshari for Hopi  grandaughter  pictured at 6 months
BrownHill Rotoba Laslann's QM. HI, RN,PT, OFA MABBY getting a belly rub from Governor Lynch, at proclamation for Working Dog Day



 Shawnee and her kitty Target                                  Tango and Alexa

Emma and her "Kid" cruising  in California

left to right backrow

Can Ch Brown Hill's Hopi CDX TD TT OFA,

Brown Hill's Frisbee CD TT OFA

Can Ch Brown Hill's Zachary CD OFA

Can Ch BrownHill's Zorro v Karden OFA

Left to right 

Brown Hill's Xtra Ink Added OFA "Great Grand ma"

Can Ch Brown Hill's Blacksmith Rotoba OFA "grand dad"

AmCh Can Sel Ch Brown Hill's Hearthstone CD TC OFA HeroDog "Mommy"

Can Ch BrownHill Kysarah's Xato OFA "Son"





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